Weekday Masses Open to Public

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Beginning on Monday, May 18, our weekday Masses will be open to the public. Daily Mass times are Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 9:00 am and Wednesday at 5:30 pm.
Sunday Masses will continue to be celebrated outdoors as we have been doing with a Spanish Vigil Mass at 7:00 pm on Saturday and English Mass at 10:00 am Sunday.

Indoor Daily Mass Protocols

In order to attend Daily Mass everyone who attends must wear a mask or similar face covering such as a bandana upon entering the church and for the duration of the time while in the church with the exception of the brief moments for reception of Holy Communion.

Sanitation Protocols

  • Upon entry into the church, please use the hand sanitizer located at the church welcome desk or at the sanitation station immediately inside the church proper.
  • Use the provided sanitizer wipes to sanitize your seats before and after Mass.
  • If you should need to use the restroom please sanitize your hands before making your way to the restroom. After using the restroom you must wash your hands with soap and warm water for the minimum recommended time of 20 seconds.

Social Distancing and Seating in the Church

  • The pews have been taped off so that seating can occur while maintaining safe social distancing. Please only sit in the open pews.
  • Social distancing is not required within families so spouses and children may sit together.
  • Non family members will be limited to two persons per pew on either end or they must sit in the next open pew in order to maintain safe social distancing.
  • There is seating available in the nave (main body of the church) and the transepts (left and right wings on either side of the sanctuary).

Communion Protocols

  • Holy Communion will be distributed from two stations in the front of the left and right transepts. 
  • Please only two people for Communion at a time. 
  • I ask that those in the transepts come to Communion first and once everyone in the transepts have received then parishioners in the nave (main body of the church) may come forward for Communion.
  • Everyone who is not of the same family must maintain a safe social distance of 6 feet at all times even while wearing masks.

I thank everyone for their patience and cooperation during this time.  It is my hope and prayer that maintaining these protocols will enable us to participate more fully in the Mass and the Eucharist the source and summit of our faith.

Addendum: Monday 5-18-20

Communion protocols:

  • We will be adding a hand sanitizer station at the front of  each of the side transepts and at the rear of the center aisle of the church to sanitize hands before coming up for Communion.
  • Please allow those seated in the side transepts or wings to receive Communion first before those seated in the nave
  • Nave (main body of church)
    • If seated in the nave of the church please come forward to receive Communion by exiting toward the side aisle and heading to rear of the church to sanitize your hands and enter the center aisle to come forward for communion.  After receiving Holy Communion please return to your seat by the side aisles.  This is to aid in sanitization of hands before communion and to eliminate or minimize the crossing of paths.
  • Transepts (wings of church)
    • For the left and right side transept seating please exit the pews to the side nearest the side entry doors heading away from the front wall of the church.  Please use the hand sanitizer at the front corner of each transept before coming to Communion.  After receiving Communion please step to the side of the Communion Station toward the altar and walk past the station toward the transept center aisle to return to your pew.


If you are not a family member of a person already seated in a pew please use the next available empty pew.  If no empty pews are available, two non-family members may occupy a single pew if they are seated at either end of the pew. 

Sincerely in Christ Jesus the Risen Lord through Mary,

Fr. Casey Coleman, Pastor