From the Pastor’s Desk


Phase II Mass update:

Phase II has officially begun as of this Friday.  This has lifted occupancy restrictions on indoor religious gatherings.  However we must still exercise prudent and proper protocols for distancing.  I have consulted with two doctors who are members of our parish community to help discern the path forward along with directives given from the Chancery Office of the Diocese of Charlotte.  The safest and most prudent path is to continue to have our largest gatherings for Mass conducted outdoors and continue our drive in Mass as the main Mass.  This is to minimize the amount of time we are in the church itself and to minimize the larger number of people in the church in effort to reduce the aerosolized particulates which can float and survive in the church for long periods.  We are running the fans and have the air conditioning system on circulate to continue to filter and circulate the air in the church.  

We will have our first indoor Sunday Mass Sunday morning for Pentecost at 7:30am.  To take into consideration all that I just mentioned we will have to prudently limit capacity to 35 people.  In order to safely accommodate 35 persons for Mass it will need to be a combination of single persons, couples and families of 3 or more strategically seated throughout the church.  When we publish the signup genius signup we will be asking that people will signup and signify how many people will be in their party.  We will have designated sections for different types of parties whether individuals couples or families.   We will publish a diagram with the pews and layout of the church for folks to be able to understand where to sit to accommodate all who would like to attend.  

Mass at 7:30 will be a simply celebrated Mass with no sung parts.
We are continuing to ask that everyone as much as possible wear a mask for the entire duration of the time while in the church, with obvious exception of the time proximate to communion.

Vigil of the Solemnity of Pentecost- Special Celebration 

We were unfortunately unable to celebrate any of the Easter Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and First Eucharist for the RCIA program on Easter Vigil as is traditional.  In place of the Easter Vigil we will be celebrating these sacraments this Saturday. Kaden McLaughlin, Meritza Hernandez, Antonio Jimenez, WCU College Students Amy Kalayjian, Jennifer Tapia, Brandon Perdue, Garrett Glover, Kristen Fletcher will be receiving the Easter Sacraments and be received into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.  Please keep them in your prayers this week as they approach these most august sacraments.  

Eucharist Bible Study Series

ONLY Thursday and Friday this week 7-8:30pm

Please continue to join us as you can this week for our study series on the Eucharist and the Mass.  Thursday, and Friday  We fell behind one segment last week and so this week we will cover Miracles of Jesus: Water, Wine, Loaves, and FishesBread of Life Discourse: John 6 and the Real Presence.   All segments can be watched on and discussion sessions are posted on our YouTube Channel St. Mary Mother of God Catholic Church Sylva, NC.  The Zoom sign in information is as follows:  

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 359 936 3721 
Password: 6sKn6v  
by phone (646) 558-8656 
Meeting ID: 359 936 3721 
Password: 096866 
(if you are able to download ahead of time the study guide and view the video, in case your internet won’t support the video for zoom) 

Wednesday night Weekly Open Zoom Chat with Fr. Coleman and Parish Family 7-8:30pm

This week a video tour of the rectory

I would like to hear from folks, I do miss you all very much and it’s a joy to be able to chat even just a little while and catch up.  Join me each week just to say hello, catch up, ask questions about whatever, share what ever it is that is bringing us joy, what we’re struggling with in our daily lives, things we can pray for or offer prayers of praise and thanksgiving.  Join me and others from our parish past or present, as a way to stay connected to our parish family during these times of isolation.  I would love to see and or hear from you.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 359 936 3721
Password: 6sKn6v
or by phone: (646) 558-8656
Meeting ID: 359 936 3721
Password: 09686

Sincerely in Christ Jesus through Mary,
Fr. Casey Coleman