This baby is like no other baby.

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The next Respect Life Holy Hour is Sat, Dec. 5 after the 9:00 am Mass

Down Syndrome babies are under attack in Denmark & Iceland.  In Denmark, when a woman first seeks a medical professional about her pregnancy a screening for Down Syndrome is automatically scheduled.  If the screening is positive, and the unborn baby has Down, the woman is “encouraged” to abort it.  Up to 22 weeks.  In 2019 only 18 children were born with Downs Syndrome.  The rest were never given a chance.   Denmark is well on the way to eradicating Down Syndrome people.

But, that’s Denmark. That doesn’t happen in the United States! Right?  Would you be surprised to learn 7 out of 10 children who test positive for Down Syndrome are aborted?  Isn’t only a matter of time before the US eradicates people with Down Syndrome?  Before they even have a chance to breathe?  To feel their Mom or Dad’s warm hands holding them? 

In China and India, sex selection abortions have stopped more than 23 Million girls from being born.  Is that next for the United States?  When do we say ENOUGH.  When do we say STOP. 

The more science advances, the more we know – which is a great thing.  However, we do not have the right to play God.  To decide what genetic defect gets to live, and which brown hair child, when I wanted a blonde gets to have a life.  Or casually disposed of because I don’t like green eyes.  Is that the world we’re (quickly) coming too? 

As we approach this beautiful season of Advent, we get ready to celebrate the Birth of the Christ Child.  Mary, and young teenager, not married, had to be terrified.  But, yet, she trusted in God.  Joseph, who found it the woman he was betrothed too, was pregnant.  A scandal of HUGE magnitude for that time!  But, yet, he trusted in God.  And then baby Jesus, born in a manger.  Surrounded by love and adoration, not only by His parents, but by angels, and shepherds!  Given life.  A life that changed the world.  This Advent Season – when you’re listening to Christmas Carols in your car, the store, at home, wherever, and you hear one about any of the Holy Family (Mary, did you know? Or Joseph’s Lullaby for example) – please stop.  And think about that baby that is in danger of abortion.  Maybe he or she has Downs.  Or maybe brown eyes, instead of blue.  Doesn’t that baby deserve a life?  Isn’t that baby like no other baby? 

As we move into this new administration – NOW is the time to step up.  NOW is the time to say ENOUGH.  STOP.  The United States is dangerously close to deciding who lives, and who dies.  Not only in the unborn.  We must be the voice of those who need us.  Watch this site for ways you can help. 

Please join us for our next Respect Life Holy Adoration Hour on Saturday, 12/5, immediately following morning Mass.  This Holy Hour is dedicated to Respecting all Life. 

Every life matters – pre-born until natural death. 

~Sue Szarek, Respect Life Chair

Oh Mary

bright dawn of the new world, 
Mother of the living, 
to you do we entrust the cause of life 
Look down, O Mother, 
upon the vast numbers 
of babies not allowed to be born, 
of the poor whose lives are made difficult, 
of men and women 
who are victims of brutal violence, 
of the elderly and the sick killed 
by indifference or out of misguided mercy. 

Grant that all who believe in your Son 
may proclaim the Gospel of life 
with honesty and love 
to the people of our time. 

Obtain for them the grace 
to accept that Gospel 
as a gift ever new, 
the joy of celebrating it with gratitude 
throughout their lives 
and the courage to bear witness to it 
resolutely, in order to build, 
together with all people of good will, 
the civilization of truth and love, 
to the praise and glory of God, 
the Creator and lover of life.

Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae