Our Lady of Fatima Pilgrimage Statue


From Fr. Coleman:

As many may remember last August I participated in a pilgrimage to Fatima Portugal for the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady’s Apparitions to the Shepherd Children of Fatima. As a part of her apparitions Our Lady asked that a Pilgrim Virgin Statue be made in accord with her image as she appeared to the children so that she could visit and bless those throughout the world who are unable to make pilgrimage to Fatima. As a part of this message many parishes throughout the world have their very own Pilgrim Virgin Statue programs.

Inspired by this request and these examples I wanted to bring this blessing to the families of our Parish by bringing back a statue of Our Lady of Fatima from Fatima for our own Pilgrim Virgin Statue Program. Many signal graces and favors have been obtained for families through their prayer requests and intentions that have been asked of Our Lady from her time of visitations.

The month of May celebrates Our Lady of Fatima’s feast day on the 13th of May and the month of May is dedicated to Mary. As a part of this next Sunday we will have sign-ups for one week visits of Our Lady of Fatima to the homes of families of Saint Mary Mother of God. Each family will be able to take home Our Lady in her traveling shrine on Sundays and asked to return her to Saint Mary’s on the following Saturday. A sign up sheet will be available beginning after the Sunday Masses next Sunday the 20th of May with the first week of visitation beginning Sunday May 27th.

If anyone would like to assist with the coordination of this program please let me know either by phone or email at cacoleman@charlottediocese.org. I pray that this will be the beginning of many more blessings for our parish community.

In the love of Christ through Mary,
Fr. Coleman