New Liturgical Directives from Diocese

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Sunday obligation to resume on Pentecost

In a decree dated May 14, 2021, and signed by Msgr. Patrick Winslow, Vicar General and Chancellor of the Diocese of Charlotte, updates were made to diocesan Covid-19 directives in accord with the latest guidance from the CDC and NC Executive Order 215 which relaxes most mask and social distancing mandates.

Effective immediately, parishes and the faithful are to observe the following norms:

  • Religious services no longer require social distancing or face coverings.
  • Those who remain vulnerable are advised to continue wearing face coverings or attend Mass virtually.
  • Masses and confessions are to return to their pre-COVID schedules beginning Pentecost Sunday (May 23, 2021).
  • The options of receiving Communion from the chalice and extending the Sign of Peace are to remain omitted until further notice.
  • The faithful retain the right to receive Communion on the tongue or in the hand.

In addition, beginning Pentecost Sunday, May 23, 2021, the general dispensation from attending Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation will be narrowed to include only those who remain vulnerable to the coronavirus.

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