Respect Life Focus for March – Euthanasia

Respect Life

Euthanasia, Physician Assisted Suicide, Mercy Killing – no matter what you call it, it does not align to the dignity of the human person.  Or God’s Plan. 

As God’s design, and plan we believe life begins at conception, and continues through to natural death.  And every life, has the right to dignity. 

Euthanasia, Physician Assisted Suicide or Mercy Killing are upcoming ‘trends’ in our disposable society.  These practices are to hasten an inevitable death in adults.  This is currently legal in ten jurisdictions (including Montana which has no law regarding this).  What does the Catholic Church say about it?

The Church teaches that the terminally ill have a ‘right to die in total serenity with human and Christian dignity (CDF Declaration on Euthanasia).

But that right to die does not mean the right to suicide.  We believe that artificially delaying death with no benefit to the patient is acceptable to cease.  For example, a person with pancreatic cancer who has no hope of recovery is a form of therapeutic tyranny.  To prolong a person’s life that can be particularly exhausting, and painful for the patient, is not allowing a death with dignity.  In that form of situation, the Church teaches we have moral obligation of accepting death and allowing God’s plan to take its natural course.  Withholding foods or liquid, comfort, and hygiene practices is not affording the individual a dignified death.  Ceasing with chemotherapy when there is no hope for recovery is accepted by the Church. 

Life on this earth is the preparation for Life in the hereafter.  All must be allowed the opportunity to live and die with the dignity God has graced us each with. 

My Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for sustaining us through every stage of life, until our final breath.  We ask you draw near to all who are experiencing pain, serious disability, frailty or illness and for those who care for them.  May all who are considering thoughts of ending their own lives turn to Your Mother’s care and seek her intercession.